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While you are currently still the captain of your children’s destiny (or at least what they do for fun on a day to day basis), we suggest you master their fates with a high quality Captain’s Castle Wood Swing Set. Your first mates will love the slides (a wave AND a turbo slide), the climbers (ladders AND a rock wall climber), the monkey bars, and the swings (trapeze, belt swing, plastic glider). There are even plenty of swing set accessories to make this ship even more fun. Ok. Now go make it happen, captain!


Border Needed:  96′
Rubber Mulch Needed:  2 Ton
Wood Mulch Needed:  6 Cubic Yards
Weed Guard Needed:  605 Square Feet
Total Space Needed:  19′ x 32′

This Model Includes

Towers:  4′ x 8′ Double Deck
Slides:  10′ Wave Slide, 7′ Turbo Tube Slide
Climbers:  4′ Ladder, 7′ Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo
Sandbox:  4′ x 4′ (12 Bags of Sand Needed)
Roof Type:  Plastic
Swing Beam:  3 Position Monkey Bar
Swings / Rides:  Trapeze, Belt Swing, Plastic Glider
Accessories:  Fire Pole, Ship Wheel, Telescope, Picnic Table, Tic-Tac-Toe

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