Variable Bounce 14′ Trampoline with Enclosure


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Delivery and Installation Lead Time: 3 to 6 Weeks
  • The highest quality materials for longevity and durability bounce after bounce!
  • VariableBounce spring configuration to increases safety and reduces risk of injury.
  • Our new, easy-install AlleyOOP safety net with pre-sewn in door way available completes this package for parental piece of mind.

The same bounce you have come to know and love from AlleyOOP with a new net design. Our nets now have a square orientation for a cleaner look. With the new pre-sewn in doorway install is easier and done right every time! With the tighter design, we have been able to decrease maintenance costs while increasing overall strength!

Our patented VariableBounce™ technology is an elegantly simple innovation that helps optimize the shock absorption rate and the bounce performance of the trampoline. During a bounce, the VariableBounce System engages the springs asynchronously; a portion of the springs start to engage immediately when the jumper lands and the remaining springs engage a split-second later. Like an airbag in a car, this extra split second of time makes a big difference – especially during an awkward landing – because it allows a jumper to absorb impact forces more slowly and gradually throughout the body. Decelerating or stopping the falling jumper more slowly puts less stress on the body, less stress on the jumper’s knees, back, etc. The jumper’s body absorbs less of the fall energy so the springs absorb more and this results in a better return bounce. Bottom line, you get a smoother, more forgiving landing, and a better, higher return bounce. Our high quality AlleyOOP springs, specifically engineered to bring you both comfort and height, further improve the bounce performance.

The Single-Bed VariableBounce design can’t match our premier DoubleBounce™ Trampoline with integrated AirShock™ System, but it’s still a huge jump in safety and performance over a mass market trampoline!

As with all of our AlleyOOP Trampoline Systems, the VariableBounce comes with our strongest safety enclosure, employing our Triple-Fail-Safe™ backup system.
(Basketball set, GamePak, Tent, & other accessories sold separately.)


  • Three Sizes Available: 10′, 12′ & 14′ diameter
  • The frame is heavy-duty, 1.9″ diameter, pre-galvanized steel, that is powder coated with a beautiful forest green, textured finish. The frame has a 2 mm wall thickness.
  • The trampoline jumping mat is 35″ tall, for better ground clearance than most other trampolines. This allows us to use our exclusive 8.5″ Extra-Stretch™ springs for a deeper, more shock-absorbent landing and a greater return bounce.
  • 96 Extra-Stretch High-Performance Springs on 14′ (88 springs on 12′, and 72 on the 10′) 8.5″ long, tapered, high tensile steel give our best bounce performance yet still offer a low-impact landing. Our springs are rust resistant using a high-quality zinc-plating process. Our frame allows the springs to handle the bounce of a 245 pound adult. The VariableBounce offers a great bounce with less injury potential than the stiffer, harder landing you get on someone else’s trampoline using shorter, lower quality springs.
  • Our Permatron® jumping mat is the industry leader in High-Tensile Strength, UV and Water Protection, and performance. Our mat has 10 rows of stitching and a UV shield (compared to just 4 rows of stitching and no UV shield on most other brands). The mat offers approximately 113 square feet of play space.
  • We use high strength looped straps and steel V-rings for connecting the springs. Never buy a trampoline mat with grommets that are punched through the fabric… A very poor design that causes the mat to tear and fail prematurely.
  • All of our AlleyOOP trampolines include our patent pending all steel “DD” Sure-Lok™ system to prevent the frame from twisting and deforming. Other manufacturers build their frames with slip-fit (male/female) pieces that rotate and twist open over time causing the frame to become loose and wobbly, or even break.
  • The frame pad is forest green in color, blending beautifully with the landscape. It is over 14″ wide and 1″ thick (no tapering). High-density, gym-quality polyethylene (crosslinked PE), closed-cell foam padding is used across the entire pad surface, not just at the edge. The foam is covered by a high-quality, 21-ounce, reinforced, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) outer shell that is UV- and water-resistant. Other manufacturers use a cheap tarp material to cover the foam, which falls apart very quickly.
  • Our new highest quality and strongest safety enclosure system helps prevent users from falling off of the trampoline, cushions their impacts, keeps the net from breaking/collapsing around them, is rated to withstand an impact of 295 lb, and lasts many times longer than any other enclosure system on the market. The Unitized design of the VariableBounce System speeds installation time.
  • Designed for use with JumpSport or AlleyOOP Sports Trampoline Accessories (sold separately).
  • 14′ Model has a maximum single-user weight rating up to 245 lb* (240 lb for the 12′ Model, and 235 lb for the 10′ model).*
    (*Real world testing to a combined weight of over 800 lb)

14′ VariableBounce

  • Frame Size 14′ diameter x 35″ Tall
  • Frame Build Super strong 2″ diameter, pre-galvanized steel top rail, 2 mm wall thickness
  • Frame Finish Forest Green Textured Powder Coating
  • Frame/Spring Pad Foam: 14″ x 1″ thick, high-density, crosslinked PE, closed-cell foam
    Shell: 21 oz reinforced PVC, water- & UV-resistant
  • Jumping Surface High-Tensile, UV-resistant, Permatron
  • Springs 96 Extra-Stretch™ High-Performance Zinc-Plated Steel
  • Bounce Technology Single-Bed Asynchronous VariableBounce Technology
  • Safety Enclosure Highest Quality Unitized System Impact Strength: 295 lb
  • Enclosure Poles 8 steel poles, pre-galvanized, powder coated, padding is UV protected with heavy-duty vinyl sleeves, 6′ high (above mat)
  • User Weight Rating 245 lb*


  • Steel Frame and Poles – Lifetime
  • Jumping Mat Fabric – 5 years
  • Mat Stitching/Strapping – 5 years
  • Enclosure Net – 5 years
  • Springs – 5 years
  • Pad – 2 years
  • All Other Components – 1 year

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