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Being a Long Island family-owned business that was started 30 years ago, we know that family is one of the most treasured assets we all have in common. The Wood Kingdom West family is here to help you create your backyard into a safe and enjoyable area of your home. Whether it is a swing set, shed, pool structure, fence, basketball systems & trampolines we offer you the highest quality products from Made in American companies.


Here at Wood Kingdom West, we pride ourselves and continue to ever improve the ability to satisfy our clients and their families with a service that allows them to have peace of mind with the products that we provide. To offer a higher level of knowledge and comfort that far exceeds any and all expectations that a consumer has or needs when purchasing our services. To always have fun, respect and aspire to ever improve what we do on a professional and personal level. Our Mission at Wood Kingdom West is to create a progressive backyard for families who want to generate a relationship with their children & family.

Company Overview:

Wood Kingdom West was started in 1989 with a passion for backyard family entertainment. The vast knowledge and experience from 30 years, as well as our revolutionary ideas, have proven to be extremely safe and offer a tremendous lifetime value. Our passion remains in fun because it is such an important factor for a family’s physical and emotional health, and for social and academic development as well. Most of all, it can build priceless relationships between children, parents and loved ones. We at Wood Kingdom West are committed to building safe spaces for families & friends.


"I cant believe how helpful they are I went in and bought a Shed at a great price it was built with in the same week I also bought Step 2 storage benches witch were also delivered and put together for my wife all in the same week. These guys are awesome no worries."
- Rocco A. June

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