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Not for the faint-hearted this trampoline gives the performance and space needed for serious, snowboarding, gym and Parkour practice, or simply just for thrill-seekers!

Insanely big 8.5inch Mega Springs, no other recreational trampoline has springs like these.

Dare to add our unique North Spring Extenders (included) and take insane bouncing to a new level.

  • 40% more Air Time with North customizable springs!
  • More safety features than any other trampoline brand
  • Cut assembly time by 50% with Zero-bolt assembly
  • Safety tested to 1650lbs – our trampolines are strong!
  • We’re proud to offer a 10 year warranty


The very core of a trampoline is the bounce and the North Trampoline’s Performer offers the best jumping experience you can get on a backyard trampoline.

  • Jump mat is 3.6 ft from the ground to allow for huge jumping potential
  • 8.5 inch North S1200 Pro springs are unlike any other recreational trampoline spring in terms on size and performance.
  • Performance mat allowing more air to flow through the mat will maximize the airtime
  • North Silence Performance System (SPS) that eliminate friction and noise between padding and springs adding extra height to the jump
  • Ultra-robust frame that bring stability and control to the bounce
  • Adjustable spring extenders that allow you to customize the bounce to your ability and weight.


The rectangular shape is the ultimate trampoline shape combining the best of two worlds; the space of a round shaped trampoline and the length of an oval trampoline.

  • Rectangular size as used by athletes around the globe
  • The rectangular shape offers the largest optimal jumping area compared to other shapes
  • More stable surface for landing extreme moves

The people in this video are trained professionals. Do not attempt at home without proper supervision and training.


A high-performance trampoline requires a safety standard that allows the jumper to push their limits with a minimal chance to injuries.

  • Zero gap safety net enclosure with zippers to avoid any spring contact or arms and legs outside the safety net
  • Safety belt directing the jumper back to the jump mat
  • Extra high safety net to ensure the boldest jumpers stay inside the trampoline
  • Safety ladder that makes entrance and exit more safe
  • Self-closing entrance


The North Trampoline’s zero-bolt assembly feature makes assembling the trampoline and take it down effortless.

  • Zero nuts and bolts assembly
  • Quick safety net assembly with zippers and innovative top cap design


All trampolines made by North is made of high quality, but the North Performer push the high-quality standard of a North Trampoline even higher. Every single part of the trampoline has been carefully designed for one purpose; to be the best garden trampoline in every aspect.

  • Ultra-rigid frame for an extreme bounce
  • 3 layered anti rust protection and a 10-year warranty on the black lacquered frame
  • Extra thick UV protected frame padding with woven details
  • North S1200 Pro Swedish made springs that stretches 2x more than ordinary springs
  • Extra high legs to allow a deep and powerful bounce


North Jumpgames comes with a advanced water proof activity tracker and a convenient wrist band and tracks number of jumps, jump height, airtime, degree of rotation, flips and more. The activity tracker even capture your moves off line and sync automatically to your phone. The jumpgame app is available for free via app store or google play iOS and Android.

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