Powerwash – Single Tower (Service Only)


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Sun exposure, weather, and wear and tear can impact the appearance of your Swing Set. Power washing it annually is key to keeping it looking good. Additionally, power washing:

  • Removes dirt and adds needed moisture back into the wood
  • Allows sealant to penetrate the wood more effectively
  • Restores the look of ladder rungs, handles, and other plastisols that are stained or mildewed

As outdoor wood ages, its appearance changes. While power washing is not a cure all, it is the best way to clean your swing set in preparation for a new coat of sealant. We recommend power washing and resealing your Rainbow Swing Set every 18–24 months to prevent graying and wood rot. This schedule also assures full lifetime warranty coverage.

Power Washing Service

We can efficiently and effectively clean your set with our professional grade equipment, saving you the time and hassle of doing the job yourself. Our Power Washing Service includes:

  • Removal of dirt and dust to improve the appearance of your set
  • A clean surface that ensures sealant will absorb properly
  • Power washing of canopy and all plastic components on the swing set